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Magic Moments Promo | Malayalam Webseries | Abaam Njoy



Magic Moments Promo | Malayalam Webseries | Abaam Njoy

It’s all about relationship … love …lust…vibrant life’s… Nithya & Varun are engineering students, being in a live in relationship. Varun wish to marry Nithya , for that he should pass the exam and get a better job placement in campus interview. But Nithya is not interested in married life , she wish a” no string attached” fun life. One night, while studying, Nithya tries to disturb varun from his late night preparation for exam. She teases him for making love. After some silly arguments and conversation, finally they fall in to a late night romantic love making session. Nithya wants varun to use protection , but at that moment varun denies it . After a few months varun will came with a news that he got job placement in a MNC and by the time Nithya failed in her exam . That moments Nithya tells varun that they need to marry soon because she is pregnant. Varun got stunned for a moment and after they make cool each other.


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