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Tovino Stunns The Audience with a Super Movie ” Theevandi “



Tovino Thomas starrer Theevandi is one of the movies that had released today in Kerala. It has been scripted by Vini Vishwalal and directed by debutant Fellini TP.  August Cinemas owned by Shaji Nadeshan, Santhosh Sivan and Arya had produced this flick. This was their second release this year and the first one was Kali directed by Najim Koya. The songs from Theevandi has already become super hit and that had raised the level of expectation among the audience.The plot of this film revolves around the central character named Bineesh played by Tovino Thomas. He is a chain smoker and the film tells us about the incidents that happens in his life. It has been told as a socio-political satire as well.
We can say that Fellini had made his debut by giving us a class entertainer. It is an entertainer and at the same time presented some socially relevant issues through this flick as well. But it is evident that he never made this movie to give some message. It will enlighten and entertain you at the same time. The plot has been simple and the screenplay from Vini Vishwalal has depth and intensity in it. Fellini did well to connect it with the audience through the visual language he had provided. There are humorous as well as emotional moments in the movie and the plot situations were very realistic as well. Dialogues too were very natural.Performance from Tovino Thomas is one of the plus points of this movie. He has been very natural and composed throughout this movie. His dialogue delivery style and body language had made the character named Bineesh a really lovable one. The new actress named Samyuktha Menon who played the female lead also did a great job in the film. Her chemistry with Tovino has been one of the highlights of this flick. Other artists like, Suraaj Venjaramoodu, Saiju Kuruppu, Sudheesh, Shammi Thilakan, Musthafa, Vijilesh, Surabhi Lakshmi etc too did a fine job in this movie as they played their part to perfection.
Gautham Shankar had provided some realistic visuals to this film and the songs by Kailas Menon had made this movie a beautiful one. Such was the feel given by the songs. Appu Bhattathiri had edited the flick and he provided the movie with a nice pace with his editing skill.In Total, Theevandi is a brilliantly crafted movie which will entertain you and make you think at the same time. It has life in it and will touch your heart for sure. It is a class and realistic entertainer which will never let you down if you are a lover of good films which remains with you even after coming out from the cinema hall.