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Mamta Mohandas Starring ” Neeli ” Malayalam Movie Review



Mamta Mohandas Starring ” Neeli ” Malayalam Movie Review

The Malayalam movie which was released here today was Neeli, a horror movie directed by the debutant named Althaf Rahman. Mamta Mohandas played the central character of this movie and it has been written by Riyas Marath and Muneer Mohammadunni. This flick has been produced by Doctor Sundar Menon under the banner named Sun Ads And Film Productions and the teaser of this film had got great attention from the audience. Anoop Menon too playing the lead character in this movie along with Mamta Mohandas. Althaf Rahman shot to fame with a super hit short film named Thorth some years back.

The plot of this flick revolves around the central character played by Mamta Mohandas, named Lakshmi and also the character named Reiny Joey, a paranormal investigator, played by Anoop Menon. Mamta Mohandas played a speech therapist and a widow in this movie. She has a six-year-old daughter as well. But her daughter goes missing one day and the film shows how the characters played by Anoop Menon, Baburaj, Sreekumar, Sinil etc join Mamta for a common goal of finding the girl. It develops around certain scary incidents that happen in their life.

We have to say that Althaf Rahman had made a fabulous debut with Neeli as he created a movie which will scare the shit out of the audience. But it has mystery and suspense element as well in it, which normally comes with horror situations. The screenplay by Riyas Marath and Muneer Mohammadunni has been fantastic as it has elements which will make you curious, anxious and entertains till the very end. The plot situations were really convincing and thrilling. It scares us, make us anxious and excites us too. The visual language provided by Althaf Rahman was just fabulous and he was in total control all the time. The way he presented the plot made this movie a clean entertainer. Along with all these, there is humor as well in this movie and that makes it a great entertainer.

The performance from Mamta Mohandas has been the heart and soul of this movie. She has been great in her body language and dialogue delivery.  Anoop Menon once again has given a cool performance and the easiness in his acting makes us like him every time. Others like Baburaj, Sreekumar, Sinil Zainudheen, Rahul Madhav also played their part to perfection.

The DOP of this flick was Manoj Pillai and his visuals were just terrific. The visuals set the mood of this film along with the music scored by Sharreth. The songs were great but the background scoring has been fantastic throughout. Sajan had edited the flick and he never let the pace of the movie down as his cuts were fine and sharp.

In Total, Neeli can be considered as one of the best horror films in Mollywood. It is a complete entertainer which will make you scared and at the same time will make you thrilled as well. It has everything in it to make you engaged till the very end and it tells us something very different as well.