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Asif Ali Starring Iblis Malayalam Movie Review



The new movie released here today was an Asif Ali starrer named Iblis, which was directed by Rohit VS. This is the second film by Rohit VS and he shot to fame through his first film named Adventures of Omanakuttan last year, which also had Asif Ali in the lead. This film named Iblis has been written by the director and Sameer Abdul together and Madonna Sebastian plays the female lead in this movie. This flick has been produced by Dileep Edapatta, Jeetu Gogoi, and Bhupen Tacho. The posters and song from the film have really made the audience curious about this flick and that had helped the film a lot.

The plot of this movie is set in a village in the 1980’s. It has been made as a fantasy comedy movie which has importance to music as well. It revolves around four main characters played by Asif, Madonna, and Lal. Asif Ali plays a village guy named Vaisakhan in this movie and he lives in a village which is cursed with death and for people who lives there, death has become a kind of joke . The tagline itself will give you a taste of the film which says that reality is a joke. The film develop around some fantasy elements that happens in the life of the lead characters.

We can say that once again Rohit VS had impressed with skin craft. In Adventures of Omanakuttan also he played with fantasy and it really came out good. In Ibilis too he had wonderfully woven the fantasy elements and presented it really well. The screenplay and dialogues by Sameer Abdul have been the backbone of this film. The plot situations he created, in the background of the 1980’s, has been fantastic. As a director, the visual language given by Rohit was technically brilliant and at the same time very much enjoyable as well. It has music, comedy, and romance in it along with some thrilling elements. The characterization too has been unique and interesting.

Performance from Asif Ali and Madonna Sebastian has been really hilarious throughout the movie. Asif Ali was in full flow and at his best. Madonna looked really cute and her chemistry with Asif on screen was really sizzling. Lal once again made his presence felt with a powerful performance and along with him, Master Adish Praveen too did a fine job. Other artists like Siddique, Sreenath Bhasi, Aju Varghese, Saiju Kuruppu etc too did their part very well.

DOP of this flick was Akhil George and his frames set the tone of this movie. It really provided the mood of 80’s to the audience and also the fantasy elements was nothing with the cool visuals provided by this man. Music was scored by Dawn Vincent and it was decent as well. The background scoring was good. Shameer Muhammad had edited the film and his cuts made the movie fast and technically brilliant.

In Total, Iblis is a fantasy comedy drama which will entertain you all till the very last moment. It has everything in it to make you laugh and thrill. At the same time, it will offer you something fresh and which you have never seen here in Mollywood.