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Prithviraj & Parvathy Combo Strikes Again with My Story | Mollywood Times Review



Another female director had made her debut here in Mollywood today as the film named My Story had graced the screens. It was directed by a debutant named Roshni Dinakar and it was written by Shankar Ramakrishnan. Prithvi Raj Sukumaran and Parvathy play the lead in this movie and it was bankrolled by the director herself under the banner named Roshni Dinakar Productions. The trailer and songs from this film has been a great success and that is what raised the anticipation level around this flick.The plot revolves around the central characters named Jai and Tara, played by Prithvi Raj Sukumaran and Parvathy respectively. The story moves forward when a newcomer actor named Jai fall in love with a popular film actress named Tara. The film shows what happens in their life after they fell in love with each other. Ganesh Venkataraman too plays an important character in this film and most part of its plot is set in the background of Europe.
There is a common thing among female directors that they always come up with unique and different ideas. We know people like Anjali Menon who came up with movie like Manjadikkuru. Roshni Dinakar too had given us a very different movie. Even though it is a romantic movie, the way she presented the plot situations were very much different. The characterization too has been great. It provides wholesome entertainment and at the same time maintains an emotional depth as well. The story has been told with intensity and the plot situation were convincing for the viewers. As a writer Shankar Ramakrishnan did a fine job and Roshni Dinakar done her part well too, as she had given a perfect visual language. PrithviRaj and Parvathy were the backbone of this film as their chemistry on screen was just amazing. Both of them had once again given an intensive performance. As Jai, Prithvi Raj had given a cool and composed performance. Parvathy too has been great. She once again showed us why she is considered as one of the finest actresses we have here in Mollywood now. Her body language and dialogue delivery has been the highlight of her performance. Other artists like Ganesh Venkataraman, Manoj K Jayan, Nandu, Maniyan Pillai Raju etc too played their part very well in this flick.
Dudley and Vinod Perumal are the DOP of this film and he had given some stunning visuals. The beauty of Europe has been captured very well and the song sequences were great as well. Shan Rahman had tuned the songs for this movie and he once again did a fantastic job. The songs were too good and it really made the audience to connect with the atmosphere in the plot. Priyank Prem Kumar is the one who edited this film and he had provided this movie with good pace and technical quality. In Total, My Story is a romantic drama which presents the story in a different manner. It tells a great story and it entertains you as well from the very beginning to the end. You will not be disappointed after watching this flick for sure.