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Orange Valley A New Cinematic Experience In Mollywood



One of the movies which had released today here in Kerala was Orange Valley directed by RK Dream West. The director himself had written this movie as well. This is a romantic thriller and it has been bankrolled by Johnson Thankachan, George Varkey, and RK Dream West under the banner named Dream West Global. Bibin Mathai who shot to fame through the popular short film named Ente Hridayathinte Vadakku Kizhakke Attathu, is playing the lead character in this movie and the trailer of this flick had attracted the attention of the audience as well. Diphuil M R also playing the lead in this movie.

The plot of this flick has been set in against Munnar and it revolves around some Naxal history. The lead character named Anand Nair has been played by Bibin Mathai and he played the character of an IPS Officer in it. The flick shows the incidents that happen in his personal and professional life related to the Naxal movement.

We can say that RK Dream West had succeeded in giving as an intense thriller. The screenplay has been the backbone of this flick as the story has depth and intensity in it. The plot situations were perfectly created to arouse curiosity in the mind of the audience and the dialogues were sharp and powerful. The visualization has been great and that made this movie a quality one. There are thrilling elements and emotional moments in the plot and the director had mixed it up beautifully to entertain the audience.

Performance from Bibin Mathai was great and he really did well as the IPS Officer named Anand. Diphul MR too played his part very well and other artists like Vanditha Manoharan, Sabari Viswam, Baiju Bala, Mohan Ollur etc too did a fine job in this movie. Nithin Rajan had given visuals to the movie and they have been good as well. Ritwik Chand had tuned the music for this movie and he did a decent job. The background scoring had come out very well too. Director RK Dream West have edited this flick and on the whole, the technical side of this movie was brilliant.In Total, Orange Valley is a thrilling entertainer which will not disappoint you if you love thrillers set in different backgrounds. It will give you something fresh and will engage you till the very end with some thrilling moments.