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Director Suveeran Strikes Again ! Mazhayathu is a Must Watch Movie for Everyone



One of the films that had released today here was Mazhayathu directed by national award winning director Suveeran. It was written by the director himself and bankrolled by Spellbound Films Inc. The lead role in this movie has been played by Nikesh Ram and the female lead character was played by Aparna Gopinath. Child Artist Nandana Varma also plays an important character in this movie. The trailer of this film had got great attention and it had raised the anticipation level around this flick as well.The plot of this movie revolves around 3 main characters. It tells about a middle-class family. Venugopal the father, is a simple man but an overprotective father. Anitha, the mother character is an ambitious woman and Ummi the daughter depends on her father for everything. Even though they have their fair share of family issues, they were going smoothly. Then, a shocking incident happens in their life and it ruins their happiness.

We have to say that Suveeran had come up with another intense plot. He presented it in a thrilling manner and at the same time, it has an emotional appeal as well. The story has been presented realistically and it will engage the audience until the very end. The suspense element is there to keep the audience curious about what is happening in the movie. The emotional sequences were the highlight of the flick and along with it, it also moves forward like a family thriller. The screenplay had emotional depth and the intensity of the plot situation makes this movie a quality one. Dialogues were great and the plot situations were very much convincing as well.Performance from all the lead actors has been great throughout. Nikesh Ram had played the character of Venugopal with great conviction and Aparna also had given a matured performance as Anitha. But the standout performer was Nandana Varma who played the daughter character in this movie. Along with these three, artists like Manoj K Jayan, Shanthi Krishna, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Sunil Sugatha, Nandu, Reshmi Boban, Shivaji Guruvayoor etc too played their part very well.

Muralikrishnan cranked the camera for this movie and we have to say that his visuals spoke a lot and created the thrilling and emotionally deep atmosphere to tell the story. Gopi Sundar had tuned the music for this film and his background scoring has been one of the highlights of this flick. Vijayakumar edited this flick and he never let the pace of the movie to be down.On the whole, Mazhayathu is an emotionally appealing movie which will move forward like a family thriller. It can be called as a thrilling class entertainer which tells a story which not just entertains you but also makes you think about certain aspects of life.