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Kadam Kadha Film Review



Kadam Kadha Film Review::One among the Malayalam movies that has been released today here in Kerala was Kadam Kadha directed by the debutant named Senthil Raj. Philip Sigi had written this movie and it has been bankrolled by Sadhique Ali under the banner of Masoom Entertainments. Joju George and Vinay Fort has played the lead characters in this movie and it is a fun filled thriller. The trailer of this flick had received great attention from film lovers.

The plot of this flick revolves around two characters played by Joju George and Vinay Fort who is having financial problems and they are trying to solve their financial problems somehow or the other. This flick tell the tale of people who don’t have money and who are in debts. That is what the title indicates as well. Giri and Cleetus are two such people and while they were trying to resolve their financial problems, a millionaire named Sreekumar, played by Renji Panikker, comes in to their life and changes it.

Senthil Raj had made an impressive debut as the film had come out really well. The screenplay was tight and entertaining and the director was able to present it in a very engaging manner as well. The situations they created in the plot was very much convincing and they told the story with the flavor of humor. That had made the movie to connect with the audience very well. At the same time, it had moments to make the audience thrill as well. The director had become successful in coming up with a complete entertainer in an engaging manner.

The performance from both Joju George and Vinay Fort had given a great performance in this movie. They had complimented each other very well throughout and it that chemistry between these two had made this movie very much enjoyable till the last. They had performed with full energy and intensity. Other artists like  Renji Panicker, Roshan Mathew, Saiju Kurup, Manikandan Pattambi, Harish Kanaran, Manikandan Pattambi, Sunilkumar D, V K Baiju, Prasanth, Nandulal, Srinda Ashab etc also done a very good job in this movie by playing their characters very well.The DOP of this flick was Faisal Ali and he had done a great job by proving some cool visuals. Music was tuned by Deepankuran and he too did a very good. Specially, the background scoring has been great. Soorej ES had edited the movie and he as usual provided a smooth flow to the narration through his cuts.

In Total, Kadam Kadha is a fun filled thriller kind of a movie which will never disappoint you. It has everything in to entertain the audience and it will be a paisa vasool movie for you.