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Theeram Movie Review



Theeram Movie Review:Theeram is one among the Malayalam movies that has been graced the screens here in Kerala today. It has been directed by the debutant named Saheed Arafath and produced by Sheikh Afsal under the banner named Round Up Cinemas. Prinish Prabhakaran had written the screenplay of this movie and the dialogues were written by Ansar Thajudheen. Late Actor Ratheesh’s son Pranav Ratheesh had played the lead in this movie and the female lead character was played by Maria John. It is a romantic movie which has some thrilling elements as well in it.

The plot of this movie revolves around the character named Ali, played by Pranav Ratheesh, who makes a living by riding Auto Rikshaw at night. One day, he happens to meet a girl named Suhra and fall in love with her. He tries to impress her but during that process something from his past pops up and starts to haunt him. From there the movie starts moving forward.

We can say that the debutant director Saheed Arafath had done a very good. He had made an engaging romantic thriller kind of a movie which will entertain the audience. It has all the right elements in it to make the audience sit through till the very end. The screenplay by Prinish Prabhakaran and dialogues from Ansar Thajudheen has been very good as well. The plot situations were convincing and the director presented it very well too.

The performance from Pranav Ratheesh has been good and we can say that he had lived up to the level of expectation we had on him. He played the character of Ali without much issues and done his best. Maria John who played the character named Suhra also done a good job. Other artists like Tini TomSudhi KoppaKrishna Prabha, Nandan Unni, Askar Ameer etc also played their part well.The DOP of this flick was Gautham Shankar and his visuals were beautiful and cool. Afsal Yusuf had tuned the music for this movie and he too did a fine job. The background scorning was good as well. Vijay Shankar was the editor of this flick and he had provided smooth pace to the narration with his sharp cuts.

In Total, Theeram is a very good romantic movie which has elements in it which will thrill you as well. It is a small movie, but it will never disappoint you for sure.