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Minnaminungu Movie Review



Minnaminungu Movie Review::Minnaminungu is one among the Malayalam Movies which had released here today. This movie become a much anticipated one, when it helped Surabhi Lakshmi to win the national award for best actress this year.  Anil Thomas had directed this movie and it has been written by Manoj Ramsingh. This flick was bankrolled by Movie Magic and as we mentioned above, Surabhi Lakshmi is playing the central character in this movie. This film is gracing the screens today after so much wait.

The flick is all about a single mother who lives in Kerala. The plot revolves around the character played by Surabhi Lakshmi.We can say that the director had done a very good job by presenting the plot before the audience in the most realistic manner possible. The screenplay from Manoj was a quality one. It has great depth and the intensity of emotions had made it better all the more. Anil Thomas just had to make a great visual language for that screenplay and he had done it in the best manner possible. He never let the emotional part to out of control and never let the movie to become too melodramatic. The plot situations were presented convincingly and they told the story in an engaging manner as well. Each and every character had their own identity and was essential to the development of the plot.

The performance from Surabhi Lakshmi was the highlight of this flick. We all know that she is a brilliant actress. But through her performance in this film she had showed us her real caliber and range as an actress. It was fabulous to watch her performing with so much intensity. Others artists who played important characters in this movie are Krishnan Balakrishnan, Balu Narayanan, Prem Prakash, Suresh Prem, Rebecca Santhosh etc and they had done a good job as well.

Sunil Prem was the DOP of this movie and he had done a very good job providing the realistic atmosphere through his visuals to tell the plot. Music was tuned by Ouseppachan and as usual his music blended really well with the plot. K Sreenivas edited the movie and his cuts provided a smooth flow to the narration of the plot and it helped the movie to become an engaging one till the end.

In Total, Minnaminungu is a quality movie which will give you a different and fresh cinematic experience. If you loves good cinema, then go for this movie. Surabhi’s performance alone makes it worth a watch.