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Sunday Holiday Malayalam Movie Review



Sunday Holiday Malayalam Movie Review

Sunday Holiday is the Malayalam movie that graced the screens here in Kerala today. It is a movie directed by Jismon who had earlier given us the movie named Bicycle Thieves with Asif Ali in the lead. In this film too, Asif Ali is playing the lead role. Aparnna Balamurali is playing the female lead in this movie which has been bankrolled by Sheen Helen under the banner of Maqtro Pictures. The screenplay of this movie has been written by director Jismon himself and the story has been written by Kiran and Urasu. The trailer and songs from this movie had got the attention of the audience weeks back.

The plot of this flick revolves around the characters played by Asif Ali, Sreenivasan and Aparnna Balamurali. In the beginning, the character played by Sreenivasan meets a movie director played by Lal Jose and tells him a story which he had written. The character Asif Ali plays, named Amal, comes in that story told by Sreenivasan’s character named Unni Mukundan to Lal Jose’s character named David. The story tells the life of a youngster named Amal who comes to Kochi after he lost the girl he loves.

Jismon really impressed the audience with his directorial skill through his first film named Bicycle Thieves even though it was not a big box office success. But it had received great appreciation for its making style and the way it has been presented before the audience. Now, in this film too Jismon had showed his caliber as a director. The screenplay written by him was superb and he had created a superb visual language for that screenplay as well. The movie has everything in it to engage the audience till the very end. It is pleasant and it will entertain the audience till the last moment. He had created convincing plot situations and gave each and every characters their own space to evolve in the plot.

The performance from Asif Ali as Amal has been very good. He had already given us two great performances this year through movies like Adventures of Omanakuttan and Avaude Ravukal. In this flick too Asif Ali looked calm and composed and played his character quite effortlessly. Aparnna Balamurali also done a very good job as she had given a matured performance as the character named Anu. Sreenivasan once again given a superb performance which is expected from him. Other artists like Sruthi Ramachandran, Lal Jose, Siddique, Sudheer Karamana, Asha Sarath, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Alencier Ley Lopez, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Bhagath Manuel, Nirmal Palazhi, Shivaji Guruvayoor etc also done their part to perfection.

DOP of this movie is Alex J Pulikkal and he had given some cool and colorful visuals for this fun filled entertainer. Music was tuned by Deepak Dev and his tunes blended rally well with the mood in the plot of this flick. The flick moved forward in a smooth pace and that too had made it an engaging affair. Ratheesh Raj is the one who edited this flick.

In Total, Sunday Holiday is a fun filled family entertainer which will satisfy everyone if you love pleasant movies. You will never feel disappointed after watching this movie as this has something very fresh in it.