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Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu Movie Review



Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu Movie Review Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu is the latest release that had graced the screens here in Kerala this weekend. This movie has been written and directed by Renjan Pramod who had given us a lot of popular movies as a writer. He had directed two movies earlier as well. Popular Actor Biju Menon is playing the lead character in this movie which is a family entertainer produced by 100th Monkey Movies Private Limited. They had distributed the movie as well and the story of this movie has been written by TS Arjun.

This movie revolves around the title character played by Biju Menon and his character name is Baiju who works in the irrigation department of Kerala Stare Government. He is a very jovial guy who is also the patron of a club in his native place named Kumbalam. The film showcases some incidents that happens in his life related to his family, village, club and his professional life.We have to say that Renjan Pramod and Biju Menon had staged a terrific comeback through this movie. Even though he had directed two movies earlier, none of them had become a big success and this time he will taste success for sure as the movie has been connected well with the audience. Biju Menon who had tasted failure with Swarnna Kaduva last year, also came back strongly by giving a success like this, playing the lead. The screenplay by Renjan Pramod has been superb as he had included every elements to entertain the audience and also given a certain quality to its content. It has humor, emotion and thrill to a certain extent. The highlight of this movie is that it is a simple and down to earth movie and people can see life in it.

Performance from Biju Menon as Baiju is the soul of this movie. He had once again delivered a terrific performance and his humor is the main attraction of this flick. We can see Biju Menon in full form just like we saw in movie like Vellimoonga. Aju Varghese too done a superb job and the female lead character played by Hannah Reji Koshy had given a matured performance as well. Others like Deepak Parambol, Harish Kanaran, Dileesh Pothen, Janardhanan, Indrans etc also done their part to perfection in this flick.

The DOP of this movie is Prashant Raveendran and he had given some realistic and beautiful frames to tell the story. Music was tuned by Bijipal and it also raised up to the standards. Samjith Mhd edited the flick and his cuts gave the movie a smooth a flow till the end.

In Total, Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu, is one of the most entertaining movie which graced the screens here in Kerala and it will be a perfect choice for family audience this season.