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Sathya Movie Review



Sathya Movie ReviewSathya is the Malayalam movie that released here in Kerala today and it was directed by Late Director Diphan. AK Sajan had written the screenplay of this movie in which popular actor Jayaram had played the lead. Feros Saheed had bankrolled this movie under the banner of Shehnas Movie Creations and the female lead characters in this movie has been played by Roma and Parvathy Nambiar. Jayaram appears in a mass avatar in this action thriller and its trailer and song had got the attention of the audience when it was released in social media few weeks back.

The plot of this movie revolves around the character named Sathya played by Jayaram. Sathya is a guy who become rich by doing gambling at Pondicherry. But that business makes a lot of enemies for him as well. This film shows a series of incidents that happens in his life after a gambling game of him goes wrong. Enemies are behind his back after he lost a game and it tells how Sathya fights against them.Diphan had always given us entertaining movies which gave prominence to action. AK Sajan is well-known for his thrilling screenplays as well. When these two comes together for a movie and that too with popular actor Jayaram in the lead, the expectation is always be on the higher side. Diphan is the one who made Prithvi Raj a mass star through his movie named Puthiya Mukham. His skill to make action movies is well-known and Sathya too is such a thrilling action packed movie from him. AK Sajan wrote a screenplay which has thrill, suspense and enough power packed scenes and he had made it a complete entertainer. Diphan had skillfully filmed it without losing the grip on the proceedings. Action sequences were the highlight of this movie. The punch lines and firebrand dialogues from Jayaram also made the movie a powerful one.

The performance of Jayaram is the main positive of this flick. Jayaram once again showed us that he can do any kind of characters. His performance was powerful and his mass getup had helped him a lot to pull off this character named Sathya. Roma and Parvathy Nambiar had done a very good job as well. They had played their part decently along with other artists like Bollywood actor Deepak Jaithy, Rohini, Sudheer Karaman, Rahul Dev, Kottayam Nazeer, Saju Navodaya, Nandhu, Shobha Mohan etc.

The DOP of this flick is Bharani K. Dharan and he had given the mass atmosphere through his frames, which was needed to tell the plot of this movie. Gopi Sundar had tuned the music and it was decent too. Shamjith had edited the flick and he never let the pace of the movie to go down.In Total, Sathya is a power packed action entertainer which will satisfy those who loves to watch such mass entertainer. It is a complete Jayaram show and watch it for him, if you are a great fan of Jayaram.