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Fake news spreading against Prayaga Martin: The truth is here.



Fake news spreading against Prayaga Martin: The truth is here.

Today some online Medias had published fake news against popular actress Prayaga Martin which said that she had tried to slap a makeup man at the set of a movie name Viswasapoorvam Mansoor directing by PT Kunju Muhammad. When the Makeup Man tried to stop her, she had made him to say apology to her publicly as well, says the report. Many people who read these reports, criticized Prayaga Martin after that. But it was all fake and the truth is coming out. Prayaga told to media what really happened and how it has been twisted by some people to degrade her.

When she went for the shoot of the above mentioned movie, director want her to do a dull make up for that character. But she did not have the things with her to do that make by her own and a makeup man was called for that. But while doing makeup, he had started to insult her by talking to her in improper manner. But she sat quietly. After finishing her shot, she told this incident to her parents and her mother went to that makeup man and asked him why he behaved in such an improper manner to her daughter. But that makeup man had insulted her mother as well. When she questioned his behavior to her mother pointing her finger towards him, he twisted her hand and try to manhandle her. Then some people came and took him away from the scene.Later as a part of sorting out the issue without much troubles, the makeup man came to her and said sorry. But then to avoid further legal complications, he and some of his friends began to spread fake reports about the incident through social media. Now, she says that, AMMA association promised her to solve this issue and she says that she had full belief in the association.