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Twitter introduces new anti- abuse tools



Twitter introduces new anti- abuse tools

Twitter is all set to roll out new anti- abuse tools that would help to restrict the use of abusive language on the platform. Twitter has been under radar for not taking strong actions to keep a check on the users who indulge in abusing others on the platform. Twitter is in search for a potential buyer and that could have triggered the company’s move to enhance the anti- abusive tools.

The new features will aid the company in identifying the people who have been permanently suspended from Twitter, thereby helping the company to prevent that user from creating a new account. Twitter’s vice-president of engineering, Ed Ho commented that Twitter’s primary focus is to make twitter a safe platform. He also noted that Twitter believes in allowing the users to share their thoughts without any restrictions. But, some users indulge in cyber harassments and abuses to intimidate the users, denying them the freedom of expression. Ed Ho made it clear that Twitter will not condone such behaviour and therefore, the company is taking new steps to curb the abuses on the platform.

Twitter will also hide abusive or low-quality tweets by default, which is somewhat similar to quality filler that gets rid of trolls from your @ mentions. The new feature will filter the replies to tweets you see in your feed. It means that if you follow a conversation based on a particular tweet, Twitter will hide the irrelevant replies by default. It will save you from a lot of trolls that will consume a lot of your time.

Twitter has also upgraded the search results to make it safer. While searching, the tweets from the users you have blocked or used will not be visible. In addition to this, the search results with sensitive content will also be filtered. It means that you will not have to go through the inappropriate contents that come up while searching on Twitter. However, it is not clear as to what criteria it will use to recognise sensitive search results.There are some users who feel that the company should have taken this measure a long time ago but they are happy that Twitter is finally taking an initiative to stop the cyber harassment on the platform. As they say, better late than never