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Whatsapp to terminate its support for the old phones



Whatsapp to terminate its support for the old phones

Whatsapp has announced that the company will discontinue its support for the phones that are using old operating systems. The new modification will be implemented from next year. Whatsapp will put an end to its association with the phones that run on Andriod 2.1, Andriod 2.2 operating systems and the devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhones that run on iOS6 and Windows Phone 7.  Whatsapp will also conclude its support for Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 by next year but the company has decided to continue its support for the devices till 30 June 2017.

Commenting on the new step, Whatsapp revealed that the company want to shift its attention to the mobile phones that most of the people use now. Whatsapp acknowledged that the decision to end its support for the old phones was a tough one as they played an important part in the app’s journey. However, the company had to make this decision as these phones are unable to provide Whatsapp with the capabilities that are required to upgrade the features of the app in the future.

The company believes that the old operating systems would not be able to accommodate the modifications the app will undergo in the future. The upgrading might even affect the functioning of the phones and app. Therefore, the company thinks that it is better to pull the plug on the phones with old operating systems so that they can focus more on the new phones that endow the company with an opportunity to customise the app as per the changing needs of the users.

Whatsapp has enhanced its security by introducing the end to end encryption. Unfortunately, the old operating systems are unable to give the same level of security which the new versions provide. Whatsapp is planning to launch a lot of new features that would be similar to that of Snapchat. The company recently introduced the video calling, which allows the user to have a face to face conversation with the call recipient.