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Government makes the Indian language support compulsory for the mobile phones



Government makes the Indian language support compulsory for the mobile phones

Government has decided to make the Indian language support compulsory for all the mobile phones starting from July of next year. This mandatory inclusion will be implemented from the 1st of July. The new mandate is based on the clause 10(1) of Bureau of Indian Standard Act. This act gives government the authority to incorporate the Indian language support for mobile phones to the schedule of Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order, in accordance with the IS 16333(Part-3).The mandate ensures the text reading support in all Indian languages on both smartphones and feature phones. Aside from English and Hindi, the users will also be able to choose the regional language they would like to use. It will make it easy for the user who is not acquainted with English and Hindi to operate the mobile.

Pankaj Mohindroo, who is the national president of Indian Cellular Association, has commented on the new mandate and said that the decision is consistent with government’s Digital India vision of overcoming  the the language barrier. He also noted that the government has received support from the mobile industry with regard to this new mandate. It is expected that the mandatory inclusion of Indian language support will boost the e-governance transactions and e-commerce businesses as the users will now be able to operate the mobile platform in their own regional language. This will aid the user in understanding about these business and the transactions in better way.