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Leonardo Dicaprio swears to protect planet Earth



Leonardo Dicaprio swears to protect planet Earth

Leonardo Dicaprio is one such actor who is constantly watched over by the whole world. And everything that he does are headlines in news sites. Be it his films at the box office, his Oscar win or even his efforts towards bringing about a global change, Leonardo Dicaprio knows how to rule the internet. And he is doing it yet again. He who is already praised for his humanitarian acts and concern towards othere is into news again. He now gave us a sneak peek into his concern towards spreading awareness about the issue of climate change, during his winning speech at the Academy Awards this year. His concluding lines during the speech has made more news than his win for the film The Revenant. He said: “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.” And now this Hollywood megastar is once again educating people about the adverse effects of climate change through a special documentary.

Leonardo has featured in a documentary titled ‘Before the Flood’, which was released on the National Geographic channel on Sunday night (October 30). In the documentary, he comes in the role of a science journalist who interviews researchers, innovators, and people who are already being affected by the effects of climate change. The documentary features Leo meeting US President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Pope Francis and many other significant personalities to discuss the issue of climate change. The documentary is helmed by Oscar-winning documentarian Fisher Stevens.

This documentary has been posted for free by National Geographic on various channels and streaming platforms across the internet until November 6, so as to give people across the world an easy access to understand the issue.Leo known for his social concern has also asked people to make donations for the needy while supporting another cause. And the icing on the cake here is that this can help you go on a lunch date with him! From among all those who donate $6 can  fly to Edinburgh to become eligible for the contest. This actor knows how to use his brand name and thank God, he is using it to make the world a better place.