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Airtel and Nokia team up for a 3, 3350 crore deal



Airtel and Nokia team up for a 3, 3350 crore deal

Airtel and Nokia join forces to enlarge its 4G distribution in nine important spectrum circles in the country. Both companies have reached a deal of a whopping Rs. 3, 350 crores. Airtel intends to broaden its horizon to 3 new circles including UP, Gujarat and Bihar with this deal. The deal will also help Airtel to improve its 4G capacities in six other spectrum circles such Kerala, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal and Odisha.

Nokia will also reap benefits from this deal as this deal will help Nokia to extend its 4G service in places including Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Bengal, Odisha,  UP East and Kerala. Nokia also intends to enlarge its 3G network in eight of the circles with the assistance from Bharti Airtel. Nokia commented on its partnership with Airtel and said that they have a long history of working with each other. According to Nokia, this new deal will provide them with the capacity and speed that is needed to fulfil the needs of the evolving data demands.

Airtel also issued a public statement, commenting that they are extremely pleased to receive an opportunity to use Nokia’s leading radio access technology, which will aid them in enlarging the 4G capacity of the company. Airtel also believes that the partnership with Nokia will also help to enhance the service quality of the company. It is believed that both companies will be able to boost the coverage in the urban, rural and sub urban places with this new deal.