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Realities of a corporate life



Realities of a corporate life

  1. The more good you work, more you will burdened with it.
  2. Do you really think that the company cares about your individual progress in the corporate world? Never. All that matters is what you contribute to the company to achieve it’s goals.
  3. There will come a time in everyone’s life when you will be forced to leave your passion and take up a job just for the money and nothing else.
  4. Desk jobskill creativity. And it brings boredom too.
  5. In your company, very often, you will be held accountable and may be asked to give explanation for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility in the first place.
  6. Read your offer letter once again. The roles and responsibilities part. You will wonder now you deal with a dozen tasks other than what you were initially hired for.
  7. The company will constantly make you to believe you need the company more than it needs you, and that, is not always true.
  8. Does your company spend much time in meetings and discussing things? Meetings are always a waste of time. Nothing good has ever come out of them. Most people are not listening, and the ones talking are far away from reality.
  9. If you’re sluggish, you’ll be mocked by your superior. And if you’re proactive, you’ll be hated by your colleagues.
  10. You will be sometimes in a team of really uninspired people and it is going to trouble you much. Your team-mates would neither help you nor would they make it possible for you take everything in your own hands, and it will kill your passion.
  11. No one wants to see you grow. People around will constantly try to pull you down with their cynicism.
  12. Nobody is going to appreciate you staying in extra hours to complete your job every single day but the one time you leave a little early or come a little late, the whole world is going to criticize you.
  13. If you volunteer to be a part of any new initiative, it’s going to become your responsibility.
  14. Office politics is definitely not a myth. And you will have to face it quite often.
  15. There will be times when you see undeserving people get credits for the work you do, simply because they are higher up on the corporate ladder.
  16. You will be spending your half of time in sending out unnecessary mails that will never even be read to countless people who want to feel important, before you can actually start working.