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Perks Of Being the Youngest Child



Perks Of Being the Youngest Child

Here are some major perks to being born last!

  1. You never get blamed for anything.

Whatever you have done wrong, there will be your elder sister or brother to take the blame and protect you from your father and mother. And sometimes, even if your parents had identified that you are the culprit, they won’t punish you because you are their sweet, innocent, little kid.

  1. You get to hang out with your sibs’ cool, older friends.

Your friends will be jealous of you and will think you’re the coolest person ever because you have many older friends (of your siblings) to hangout with or who say hi to you in the school.

  1. You get to learn from your sibs’ mistakes.

You grow up seeing what your siblings does. Both positives as well as negatives. And you can very well learn from that. You are definitely going to avoid those blunders and mistakes that your elder brother or sister had done.

  1. And they give you all the tricks on surviving high school.

Your siblings will be there to guide you on all your academic decisions. They know and will advice you about the easiest subjects that you should opt for, the best classes to take, which teachers to avoid, and all the ins and outs of dealing with crushes. In addition, they’re not totally lame like your parents, so they’ll tell you the very important intel, like which teacher never gives homework etc.

  1. You always have a ride.

If you want to go somewhere and your parents weren’t around to drive you, they will definitely ask your older siblings to drive you, no matter how hard they protested.

  1. And someone to help you with homework.

If you were having trouble with your assignments or homework, your parents would just tell you to seek the help of your siblings. And it will be easy for them, as they had the same reading assignment a year or two before and knew the exact answer that would get you the A!

  1. Your parents went through all the hard stuff with your older siblings so they’re so much chiller with you.

Your parents now know well how to treat you. Your father is totally cool teaching you driving, because he already went through it with your older brother and lived. If your siblings had already broken all the rules of the house, so when you do it, it doesn’t seem so devastating.

  1. You have automatic bodyguards.

Even though your older sibs totally resent the fact that you get a ton of special treatment and perks from your youngest child status, they will be there to protect you and defend you everywhere.