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Signs that he is really serious about your relationship



Signs that he is really serious about your relationship

Falling in love with someone can be very easy. But sometimes, it will take a long time to realize whether that was true love between you both or just an infatuation. Some people realize this true love much easily, but for some others, it takes much time. Here, we give you few tips to look for in your guy to make sure that he is really serious about you and is wishing for a future together.

  1. He has stopped evading the ‘talk’. He now sits down and discusses future. He listens to your hopes and worries about the future and you both plan together.
  2. And he will start introducing you to all of his gang of friends and also his family. He starts inviting you to his family functions and he introduces you to his relatives too.
  3. He takes a greater interest in your family affairs. He also starts to  make serious efforts to talk to them or meet them and get along with them.
  4. He really wants to know what you envision for yourself in the future.
  5. He starts to relax around you. He is now very much open with you  and he is now not worried about totally being himself.
  6. He cares more. He shows much concern for you. And you need not confuse this with jealousy.
  7. He trusts you more easily now and shares all his secrets with you. And he becomes more than a best friend for you.
  8. He is now not scared or tensed to talk to you about his feelings on you.
  9. He starts saving money seriously. He starts looking at his life more matured and starts plans for a future.
  10. You find him planning couple vacations. Without being worried of what signals that might give out.