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Struggles of having a best friend who is much fashionable than you



Struggles of having a best friend who is much fashionable than you

Best friends are one of the biggest and best blessings anyone can ever have in their life. We live with them, we grow with them, we go out with them. And of course, we go to shopping with them. And what if your best friend is someone who is more fashionable than you?

  1. Whenever you went out for shopping with her, you are done in the first 30 minutes while your far more fashionable friend will finish all her shopping after the next five hours only. And during those days when she had gone for shopping alone, your phone will be flooded with lots of pictures of her trying a different outfits.
  2. A typical night-out or party with your best friend is usually preceded by hours of you threatening her to get her dress decided in time. And you will have to be a critic when she tries out different outfits. And very less will be the chance for you both to leave the hostel at time.  
  3. If you do make it to that night-out, you will be always standing beside your bestie who will be accepting compliments from friends, common friends, common friends’ friends, strangers, and everyone else you both meet.
  4. A sleepover at your friend’s place is possibly the worst. She will be doing your makeover without even asking your permission. And you will have no option other than to sit quietly, nodding your head to everything that she do.
  5. At times, you wonder or question how you both became best friends at all! You both possess completely different personality, lifestyle, taste and everything. She, in her dapper dresses and coordinated heels and you in your, who-cares tee and sweats, are nowhere similar. Except that there is no one other than her who gets you, and you’d rather take all her fashionable drama than call someone else your best friend.