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How to deal with your suspicious girl friend or wife



How to deal with your suspicious girl friend or wife

The worst thing that can ever happen in a relationship is one being always suspicious about the other. It causes majority of problems in a relationship. So, do these things to save your relationship, if your wife or girl friend is suspicious of your every single move.

  1. Stop glorifying the honeymoon phase

If you are devoting all of your attention to her during the first 3 to 6 months of the relationship, realize that she is going to expect it all through her life. By doing this, you set the bar too high for yourself and it will be difficult to follow it every time. So, when you stop with the flowers everyday and the compliments every minute, it’s know that she is going to expect it forever. And you can’t really blame her for being sad when this attention and care diminishes in the course of your life. 

  1. Include her in your schedule

Find some time in spite of your busy schedule everyday just to spend quality time with her. It can be as simple as hanging out at your place together, watching a movie or just listening about each other’s days. If you live separately, find some time to talk on phone. Make her feel wanted.

  1. Hang out with her in a group

When you go for a party or hang out with your friends, involve her in your group. Involve her in your conversations with friends; especially your female friends. Make her feel that she is a part of your life and friends circle.  Introduce your friends and colleagues to her. The more she understands, the lesser her chances of suspecting. 

  1. Appreciate her more often 

Appreciate her often. And this will work, especially when you know she has a habit of suspecting your every move. The next time when she asks you where you’ve been, or what you’re doing, instead of getting angry or becoming irritated, throw in something like how you like the fact that she cares so much about you. And you should ask her the same in order to give her the idea that you’re just as interested in her life as she is in yours.