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How can money and related problems affect your relationship.



How can money and related problems affect your relationship.

Stress concerning money affects men and women equally. It can add strain to the relationships too. The stress can make you less attentive both in job and personal life, and generally meaner. It can also result in various physical effects such as lowering libido, lowering hormone levels, and erectile dysfunction.

According to Kate Levinson of Forbes, another way that money can cause problems in relationships is through associated insecurity.

In reality, we really never acknowledge the fact that money influences or affects our intimate relationships. But in fact, its presence always goes undetected, but has the potential to influence everything.

If there is an income gap between partners, it can create insecurity, and the one with lesser income may feel lack of self worth in their relationship.

The partner who earns less may overcompensate in other duties, or else will be always worried about their own finances in the case that the relationship ends. Also, there can occur chances of inferiority complex for the one who is earning less.

In order to avoid these kinds of insecurities, the partners should avoid making unilateral decisions about finances, either as the higher earner or the fewer earners.

If there is a sole income earner, the breadwinners can feel burdened and resentful, especially if they are paying all of the bills. And the other person can feel guilty because they feel if that if they end the relationship they will also be responsible for ruining the finances of their more dependent partner.

Regardless of whether you earn more or less than the another, couples should not view money behaviours as hard and fast character traits.

Keeping secrets about your income and expenses can becomes a problem, especially if you feel like you’ll be judged by your partner. Having a separate account is sometimes sensible for financial independence, but it should be created by the consent of your partner too. It’s a problem if you can’t tell your partner that it exists.