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Best Skin Care For Sensitive Skin



Best Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

Below are some most effective natural beauty tips about “How to Treat Sensitive Skin”:  

  1. Proper hygiene: Always keep your skin clean and dirt free. Sensitive skin can react badly to dirt and dust and can result in a lot of skin problems.
  2. Choose mild beauty products: While using beauty products, always go for Mild and Gentle cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Choose the fragrance-free ones. Organic or herbal products or those which have natural ingredients with no chemicals should be preferred than chemical ones.
  3. Look for these ingredients: In your beauty product, look for the ingredients like chamomile, bisabolol, lavender, calamine, rosemary, aloe-vera, etc.
  4. Choose products carefully: While buying a beauty product, go for the ones  which are made especially for sensitive skin.
  5.  Avoid these products: Avoid those beauty products that contain Antibacterial or deodorant ingredients, Alcohol, Retinoid or alpha-hydroxy acids etc as they are very harsh for sensitive skin.
  6.  Spot-Test before using: If you are using a particular product for the first time, spot-test it first. This will help to avoid or prevent the occurance of any skin irritation or problems. It is also advised to get recommendations from your Dermatologist about what are the best products for sensitive skin.
  7.  Moisturizers for Sensitive Skins: Choose non-alcoholic and odorless moisturizers. Use different moisturizers specifically for your face, body and hands. Keep your skin moisturized.
  8. Avoid very hot or very cold water: Do not expose your sensitive skin to very cold or hot water as both can be bad for your skin.
  9. Protect yourself from the sun damage:  Always apply a good sunscreen while going out. Never expose your sensitive skin to sunlight. Use sunscreens that have SPH 15 or higher.
  10. Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin: Wearing too much of makeup can be harmful to your skin. So, use as less of makeup as you can. Use mineral based makeup products to keep your skin free from harmful chemicals.
  11. Remove makeup before going to bed: Never go to bed with makeup on. Clean your face well,  wash away dirt and makeup before going to bed, as sensitive skin can get irritated easily.