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BCCI confirms open tender process for IPL broadcasting rights



BCCI confirms open tender process for IPL broadcasting rights

BCCI has declared that there will be an open tender process to finalise the company that will acquire the broadcasting rights of 2018 IPL. The board has asserted that all companies that wish to purchase the broadcasting rights will have to participate in the bidding process. The board will not accept bids from anyone who has any kind of association with BCCI.  BBCI also has ensured that the bidding process will be conducted with utmost transparency.

The rights will be given for the period of 10 years when it comes to TV. However, the rights for the digital platform will be given for five years. The bidding process will have two envelopes which will be named A and B.

Envelope A is for the eligibility criteria and the envelop B is for the bids. The Invitation to Tender forms will be obtainable from September 19 to October 18. The bidders can clarify all the doubts with regard to the form till October 4.The bidders should submit their tender forms on October 25. The results will be declared on the same day. It is believed that BCCI came up with the idea of open tender process as a response to Lodha Committee’s recommendations for a transparent tender process. BCCI believes that the board can achieve remarkable transparency with the help of open tender process.

Sony Pictures Network India currently possesses the IPL broadcasting rights. But, the contract will come to an end after the next IPL season. However, BCCI has assured that Sony will also have the opportunity to take part in the bidding process. World Sports group procured the IPL broadcasting rights in 2008 but later handed over the contract to Sony Pictures Network India.