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How to deal with your child’s disappointing grades



How to deal with your child’s disappointing grades

What’s wrong?

Of course, there will be times when your child approaches you with report cards with quite disappointing grades. There will be times when your child’s class teacher calls you and complains about his/her poor performance in exams. Your child’s report card may not always meet your expectations. But don’t have a meltdown. Be calm and try to have an open-minded discussion about the child’s performance in academics with the teacher and the child too. Maybe this alone can solve a lot of problems. There could be some factors that contribute to the non-performance or poor performance of your child – from poor study habits, carelessness to an undetected learning disability.

Be alert to find out what is really wrong

When your child is struggling in his studies, he/she will be sometimes too unmotivated to continue. Maybe she/he might be feeling much helplessness. That means the child may feels like there’s no point in trying because she/he will never succeed. Or in certain cases, your kid is probably following poor study habits, a lack of concentration, no confidence, disorganised skills and apathy. Be with your child to sort out the actual problem that he/she is facing.  Recognise your child’s limits and potential.

Seek help

Not every time, you can solve the problem of your child’s disappointing grades by yourself. Sometimes, your child’s failing grade may be a cry for help. Maybe your kid is waiting for you to ask about the problem. Be ready to listen him patiently. Lend your ear to what she/he has to say. Maybe you won’t be able to sort out the problem by yourself or sometimes, the problem will be too severe for you to handle solo. Talk to the teachers, get a tutor or even a children’s therapist to help provide a new perspective.