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The reason why our skin gets too much dry



The reason why our skin gets too much dry

Hot Showers

Hot showers can of course be soothing to your body and relaxing to your mind. But it can damage your skin leaving it too much dry.  So, instead of soaking yourself in hot water, set the temperature to lukewarm instead of hot.

Cold Weather

One of the most common reasons for dry skin is cold weather. When the temperature goes down to reach 0 degrees, even the humidity level in the atmosphere starts going down too. Such weather and cold winds can absorb the moisture from our skin, making it too dry.
So, if you are someone who live on high altitudes where it is mostly cold there, have a humidifier installed in your home. Also, use good body creams that helps to create a protective barrier for your skin whenever you leave your home.

Oil-Stripping Cleansers

Don’t be surprised, but know that your soaps, cleansers and shower gels can leave your skin dry and scaly. So, instead of selecting your soap or cleanser by just smelling it, choose it after checking its ingredients too. Buy a soap which is which is mild and fragrance-free for daily use. Because it does not strip off your body’s natural oils.

Too Much of Exfoliation

Scrubbing is a solution to your black heads and white heads. Also, it is a good way to get rid of dead skin cells. But the fact is that too much scrubbing can damage your skin making it more prone to dryness and irritation.
So, limit the scrubbing to maximum two times a week. Instead of using a harsh scrub with sugar granules or walnut grains, use a soft washcloth which will also help in  this purpose causing much lesser damage to your skin.

Lack of Moisture

Having a shower makes the skin hydrated. But if you towel your body very harshly or too much, it can dry up your skin too much. So, apply a moisturizer or a body oil to partially wet skin once you step out of shower.