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IruMugan Tamil Movie Review



Iru Mugan is the Tamil film that released today in Kerala and it was a much anticipated Kollywood flick starring ChiyaanVikram and NayanThara in the lead roles. Anand Shankar had directed and written this flick and it has been produced by ShibuThameens under the banner of Thameens Films. Thameens Films distributed the movie in Kerala as well. It is a thriller which has some scientific and psychological shade to it and it has been titled as a complete mass entertainer. The success of flick is very important for Vikram as his last movie 10 Ennarudhukkullai was not made much of an impact in box office.

The plot of the film revolves around a Raw agent named Akhilan who has been assigned to a mission to trace out and capture the antagonist named Love who is behind many crimes. Akhilan goes to Malaysia to investigative about Love whose face is unknown to everyone. Akhilan’s duty is to find out who really is love and to capture him.

Anand Shankar had indeed made a superb Entertainer for the fans of Vikram. The film has everything for them and the director had used the star and actor in Vikram with equal importance. The screenplay by Anand Shankar was very good and the narration of the plot was terrific as well. The way he presented both characters played by Vikram was very cool and it was very convincing as well. Both characters has been given very convincing identities and the characterization was really stunning. The subplots in the movie also presented very well and he made the movie to go forward with a thrilling speed.

Vikram’s performance as Akhilan and Love is the backbone of this flick and he really stunned everyone with his fabulous performance. Both characters have no similarity at all with each other and both are at two extremes when it comes to their body language and behavior.Vikram had pulled it off with ease and we never feel that both characters were played by one man. NayanThara and Nithya Menon also given very good performance in the flick as female leads. Nassar, ThambiRamaiah, Bala, Karunakaran, Rythvikaetc also done a very good job in the movie.

The DOP by RD Rajasekhar was terrific and some of his frames were stunning. Specially, the action sequences and song sequences were shot fabulously well. Music by HaarisJayaraj was beautiful and it really elevated the entertainment quotient of the movie. Editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan also very good.

In Total, IruMugan is a grand comeback from Vikram and it a complete mass entertainer which will never disappoint you.