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Love at first site does not exists; says studies



Love at first site does not exists; says studies

Do you believe in ‘love at first site’? Are you being amazed at those film stories where cupid strikes at the first sight? Are you wishing that your future partner will fall in love with you at the first glance? Studies conducted recently in U.S have revealed that people need to meet at least four times for them to fall in love with each other. The study was conducted by researchers from Hamilton College in the US. According to the study, it was found that people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction.

During the study, the researchers gave some pictures of people’s faces to a group of young men and women. They wired the participants’ brains to monitors to observe their brain activity. The participants were then asked to rank the attractiveness of people in the photos given to them. Then, the participants were shown the same images again and were asked to rate the faces which they found attractive more highly.

Again the photos were shown to the participants and it was found that the attraction was even higher on the third occasion and strongest of all on the fourth, researchers said. The monitors which were connected to the participants’ brain showed extra activity as an implication of the excitement and pleasure centers of the brain, the researchers said.

Before really falling in love with someone, you have to like the other person’s physical appearance and behaviour; you have to find his or her personality desirable, and you have to feel that the other person likes you. So, as per the study, it was proved that you need to wait till the third or fourth meeting before making the official move of proposing your dream girl.