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Do that magical makeup in just 3 minutes



Do that magical makeup in just 3 minutes

What should a girl do when a last-minute meeting or plan crops up or when you want to sleep for an extra five minutes? Steal these genius makeup tips that help you to look fabulous in three minutes or less. Follow this and see the difference.

Speeding Up Your Makeup Routine


    • Buy makeup which is in easy-to-use containers: Look for makeup in containers which are easy to handle and use.
    • Have the right tools: Using the proper brush or sponge instead of fingers to apply your makeup as it will speed up application.
    • Organize your makeup: At home, line up the products in the order you put them on. Don’t waste time searching for your makeup items..


  • Turn quick makeup application into a habit: Put on makeup in the same order every day as it becomes an automatic process or habit5.


  • Consider a more natural look: If your daily routine consumes so much time, consider toning it down. In usual work situations and offices, a pat of blush and a touch of lipstick are sufficient..


Easy Changes you should make in your routine



Moisturize the night before: If your skin is very dry, you can consider applying night cream before you sleep as it gives your skins a hydrating look before you apply the makeup.

  • Use the concealer as foundation: If your skin have only very few blemishes, you can consider skipping foundation. You can apply a thin layer of concealer instead.
  • Switch to moisturizing lipstick: If you normally have the habit of using a lip balm or primer underneath your lipstick, you can reduce time by switching to a lipstick that you can apply directly to dry lips. You can replace matte lipstick with creme lipsticks which are more moisturizing.


  • Simplify your eye makeup: Instead of spending too much time to do eye makeup, follow a simple eye makeup. You can follow these tips to do a faster eye makeup. Instead of liquid eyeliner, use Kohl or eyeliner pencils. Mascara is faster than fake eyelashes.
  • Add finishing touches only if you have time: Go for any additional touchups only if time permits.