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How to get over a breakup



How to get over a breakup

Ending a relationship is hard. You may be dealing with painful emotions like sadness, pain, fear etc. but this is not the end of anything. There are several ways that you can work through your painful emotions and start to move on.

  • Move on, Keep your distance : Keep away completely from each other after the breakup. Unfriend and Block them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat and your phone etc. Avoid any opportunities of seeing each other. Cut all communication with them till you are completely able to get over your ex.
  • Lean on loved ones: Call your best friends or relatives whom you can rely upon. They can definitely help you to lighten your mood, make you feel better and remind you of your worth. Talk to them about how you feel, they can make you feel less lonely. Go out with them. Have your favourite food.
  • Cry and get over: Don’t fight your feelings or don’t try to suppress it. Cry out. Let your emotions flow. Cry for a day or a week. It’s normal that you may suffer from feelings of sadness, anger, resentment, guilt, fear etc. Acknowledge those feelings. If you are trying to suppress it, things will be worse only.
  • Pursue your favorite hobby: Divert your mid from the thoughts about them. Always engage yourself in something, you won’t have time to worry. Pursue your favorite hobby. Follow your passion.
  • Remind yourself that this is not the end of your life:  When you commit to someone, you both together create many hopes and dreams. After a breakup, the memory of these hopes and dreams hurts. But remind yourself that letting go of some dreams means making w ay for new dreams and hopes.
  • Take care of yourself: Some people stop self caring after a breakup. They stop taking care of themselves, starts skipping meals, sleep etc. Don’t do that. Continue to take care of yourself.
  • Don’t fall into rebound relationships: Sometimes, people tend to enter a new relationship following a breakup quickly. This type of relationship is called a rebound relationship. Rebounding relationship is not always a good idea as it is sometimes just an attempt by your mind to escape from your emotions of sadness. So, the feelings may not be real. Consider remaining single till you have fully processed your emotions and gotten over the breakup.