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Essentials in your monsoon makeup kit



Essentials in your monsoon makeup kit

If you are worried that monsoon is going to affect your style and comfort, here we give you some tips of essentials you should have in your makeup kit.


  • WATERPROOF MASCARAMascara is one of the most important beauty essentials you should have in your kit. It can help to make your eyes look lively and can add drama to your eyes by lengthening your eye lashes. If you don’t want your mascara to stream down your face with a rain, replace your regular mascara with its water-proof version before it starts raining.
  • TINTED LIP BALMCracked lips are one of the most common problem people have during monsoon season. Dehydration may leave your lips cracked. Apply some tinted lip balm as it will help to moisturize your lips and it als adds some colour to your lips.
  • COMPACT POWDERAvoid everything that makes your face look greasy. Replace your liquid foundation with compact powder which gives your face a magical texture. f.
  • RAINCOATS AND UMBRELLAS – You can have rain coats and umbrellas and be stylish same time. Pick those rain essentials that extend beyond their functionality. Look for your favourite fashion while you buy a rain coat or an umbrella.
  • TEE’S & TANK TOPS – Rains are not only wet but humid too . Tank tops are a great choice for you  during such humid weather as they are much comfortable and stylish at the same time.
  • SHOES – Replace your leather shoes for more reliable ones in plastic or patent leather. While picking boots, select it on the base of both style and comfort.
  • WATERPROOF BAGS – Keep your cloth bag in shelves and opt for plastic bags or bags in patent leather and bold hues. Waterproof backpacks helps to your mobile, wallet and other stuff dry. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of colors.
  • FUNKY ACCESSORIES – You can create your own fashion statement this monsoon season. Choose some colourful set of plastic bangles or bead bracelets and be the fashionable girl in your town.
  • FACE WIPES – This is a must-have item in your monsoon kit. This will help to keep you fresh during humid.