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Popcorn Malayalam movie review



Popcorn Malayalam movie review : Popcorn is the movie that released today in Kerala and it was written by ShaniKhader and directed by popular director AneeshUpasana who gave us movies like Matinee and Seconds earlier. The DOP of this movie was also done by the director himself. SoubinShahir, Shine Tom Chacko, Srinda, Bhagath Manuel etc played the lead roles in this movie and the flick has been produced by ShibuDivakar and Shine Gopi under the production banner named Bansuri Release. Earlier the movie has been titled ae Kinder Joy and later they changed the title to Popcorn. The teaser and trailer of the movie released last week had got great reception from the film lovers.

The story revolves around the characters named Kinder and Joy. Kinder comes to Kerala in search of his lover and there he meets Joy. Joy also joins him in the search of that lady in Kerala. The plot moves in such a way that it become necessary for Kinder to make some money to win his lover. At that time he meets Sharon who is searching for her boyfriend who is absconded. Sharon offers money to Kinder in return of his assistance to find out her boyfriend. Milton, the cousin of Sharon also joins them in the mission and travel to north India for search and they at last landed in Nasik. The problems they faces there forms the crux of the plot.

We can say that AneeshUpasana had once again delivered a superb entertainer. His last film Seconds was a superb thriller starred by Jayasurya. This time he had given us a laugh riot with thrilling elements and narrated the plot neatly. The film shot in Kerala and Nasik and he had presented the different situations through which the characters goes through convincingly. Screenplay was a decent one even though there were some unwanted portions in the pre-interval session. But the dialogues were crisp and at times hilarious as well.

Performance of Shine Tom Chacko as Kinder was decent and Bhagath Manuel as Joy was also done justice to his character. But the show stealer was SoubinShahir, as his each and every comedy numbers made the audience to laugh their heart out. He was terrific as Milton. Srinda also did a great job as Sharon. She once again sizzled with her screen presence and she proved that she is a kind of actress who can play any character safely. Other artists like Indrans, Anjali Upasana, SudheerKaramana, Jaffer Idukki, KochuPreman, PonnammaBabu, Sabumonetc done their part neatly as well.

The DOP from AneeshUpasana was superb as he really gave great frames to tell the story. Specially, the scenes from Nasik was really cool. Music was composed by LellaGirikutan and Arun- Anoop duo. It was very good and went well with the theme of the movie. Vishnu Venugopal’s editing was crisp and if it was great in the first half, then the film may have got a little more in the pre-interval session.

In Total, Popcorn is a nice family entertainer with lot of moments to laugh, thanks mostly to the superb performance from SoubinShahir.