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Dum Malayalam movie Review



Dum Malayalam movie Review : Dum, is the latest Malayalam release this week in Kerala and it is directed and scripted by Anuram, who had given us the movie named Kalyanism last year. Shine Tom Chacko and Lal played the lead in this movie which is produced by Jude Agnel Sudhir. The film did not created much hype before its release, but the posters and trailer of the movie got attention from the audience. It is a complete action thriller with all the elements of a commercial potboiler.

The plot of the movie revolves around the characters played by Shine Tom Chacko and Lal. They played Antony and Xavier respectively. Antony is the right hand of Xavier and Antony is even ready to die for his leader. He is in love with Xavier’s daughter Sherin as well. Duttan is the Don in the city and he was once a gang member of Xavier. When Xavier decides to marry his daughter off to Duttan, Antony marries Sherin. At the same time, a newly appointed SP comes to the city and his name is Manoj. With the help of Antony, Manoj plans to trap Duttan. The story goes forward from there.

We can say that Anuram had succeeded in presenting before us a thrilling story. Even though there is not much freshness in the plot, he had presented it differently. The dialogues were good and he narrated the story without making the audience yawn inside the cinema hall. The director had presented the situations in the plot convincingly and become successful in using the actors properly as well. Screenplay was a decent one as well which had all elements to entertain the audience.

Performance of Shine Tom Chacko and Lal was the major highlight of the movie. Both of them had given superb performance and we can see a different style of acting from Shine Tom Chacko in this movie. Artists like Shritha, Juby, Parvathy Nair, Joju George, Nelson, Nobi, Kochu Preman, Padmaraj Ratheesh, Sudhi Koppa etc also done a very good job in the movie.

DOP by Sunil Prem was good and he really provided a perfect tone for the action thriller with his frames. Jassie Gift tuned the music for the film and it was also a decent. Vijay Shankar edited the movie neatly and given it a good pace with his crisp editing.

On the whole, Dum is a commercial potboiler with all elements to make you entertained. If you go without the burden of over expectation, you will like it for sure.