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Things a girl should do before getting married



Things a girl should do before getting married

Dear single ladies, this is for you. The idea of getting married to the Mr. Right always appeals you, but you should admit that getting married curtails your freedom as you are answerable to one more person about everything that you do. So, before committing yourself to a happy married life, live that life you always dreamed about.


  • Fall in love with Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong: If you are lucky enough to have your first love as your Mr. Right, it’s good. But don’t hesitate to fall in love even with a wrong guy as this gives you experiences and strength to find your Mr. Right.
  • Complete your studies, chase your dream job: If you are tired with your present job, quit it, find another.  Find the job you love. You won’t be able to take the risk of quitting your job after your marriage as you have to support your family.
  • Travel, explore the world, and eat everything you want:  Pack your bags and just disappear with your best girlfriends. See places, try all varieties of food, be that girl you fascinates to be.
  • Learn to cook: Not only that this will help you to meet your hunger pangs, but will help to appeal your Mr. Right after your marriage.  
  • Pursue your hobbies, brush up your skills: Remember that you have to act ‘normal’ after your marriage. So, pursue even your weirdest hobby now – plastering your wall with photos of your favourite celebrity or sleeping the whole day or anything you like. Also, learn new skills.
  • Live on your own: Take a break from living as your mom’s pet at home, move to a hostel or an apartment. Live alone or with your friends, learn doing thing on your own. Be independent.
  • Do extra shopping, do what make you happy : Forget about investment, you will do only that after your marriage. Go for shopping, buy everything that you want. Money of course can buy happiness


Getting married is nice, but live the life you want because in marriage, you have to sacrifice happily the more spontaneous pleasures for a more stable family life.