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Guppy Malayalam movie review



Guppy Malayalam movie review : Guppy is one of the Malayalam movies that released here in Kerala today and it is one of the much anticipated movie of this season. The first look poster and then the trailer of the movie had gone viral in Social Media platforms and made it a much awaited movie of this month in Mollywood. Debutant John Paul George had written the story, screenplay, dialogues etc for this movie and directed it as well. Young Mollywood Star Tovino Thomas is playing the male lead in this movie which is produced by E4 Entertainments and Yopa productions jointly.

The plot of this revolves around two characters played byMaster Chetan and Tovino Thomas. Master Chetan playing a character who is been called as Guppy and Tovino plays a character named ThejasVarkey who comes into the life of Guppy. Guppy is living in a coastal village and sells the guppy fish. That is why he is been called as Guppy. He has lot of friends there. He lives with his mother and he lost his father when that man went to sea for fishing. One day a man named ThejasVarkey comes to that village and in to the life of Guppy. The relationship between Guppy and Thejus makes the plot moves forward.

John Paul George had made a terrific debut here in Mollywood and he had given us a fabulous cinematic experience through this film. As a writer and director, this man had just done an awesome job in the movie. At first we have to tell about the screenplay. It was written so well that there was never a dull moment in the narration and it really made the audience to travel with the characters in the movie. The characterization was superb as well. Each and every situations in the movie was really convincing and the dialogues were very realistic as well. As a director, he never let the control to go away from his hand and he controlled the pace of the narration at will according to the situations in the plot. He used all the elements in the right proportions to make it a complete movie as well.

The performance from Tovino and Master Chetan was just fabulous. Tovino Thomas as ThejasVarkey was just amazing. His performance in this movie makes one thing sure that, he will be the next big thing in Mollywood. His screen presence was just amazing and he just lived as the character on screen. Master Chetan also were amazing as Guppy and he had really given his flesh and blood to that character of 14 year old Guppy. Artists like Sreenivasan, Rohini, DileeshPothen, Alencier, SudheerKaramana, Nobi, SudhiKoppa, ChembilAshokan, Poojappura Ravi, Vijilesh, Devi Ajith, Pauly, Shohaib Khanetc also done a great job in the movie.

The DOP of this movie was just fabulous as the visuals given to us by Girish Gangadharan was really become the soul of this movie. The beauty that associated with sea and coastal area was fully captured by his frames. Music from Vishnu Vijay was also good and went well with the theme of the movie. Editing by Dileep Dennis was also neat and crisp which provided a healthy pace for the narration.

In Total, Guppy is one of the best Malayalam movies that released this year in Mollywood. This movie has life in it which will make all of us to get one with the plot and makes our heart filled with satisfaction when we finishes watching it.