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Catching Pokémon can fetch you Rs. 25,000



Catching Pokémon can fetch you Rs. 25,000

The world is going crazy over Pokémon Go and now you can obtain up to Rs. 25,000 by simply catching Pokémon. For those who are wondering how this is possible, a job related portal in Bangalore  named babajob has listed a job of catching Pokémon and those who succeed in catching Pokémon will be rewarded with a fair amount of money.

The portal clearly sets out the qualifications necessary to apply for this job. The first and the foremost condition is that the candidate should have a thorough knowledge about Pokémon. Apart from that, the candidate must be proficient in training Pokémon and should have enough experience when it comes to Pokémon gym battles. The candidate must also have physical fitness, as the game also involves a lot of physically demanding activities in order to catch Pokémon.

At present, the job is strictly based in Bangalore and those who are picked would have to travel various places in Bangalore .They also would be asked to pay a visit to some of the start-up offices which would serve as Pokémon stations. The company has already received thousands of applications from the Pokémon fanatics from all over the country.

The company’s COO Vir Kashyap has revealed that he is intending to appoint someone to play the game on his behalf. The chosen candidate would be paid according to the number of level he clears. Other babajob employees are also keen in participating in Pokémon games and some of them are also considering hiring others to play for them.

This is really a dream come true moment for the ardent fans of Pokémon since they are getting paid to do something they love.