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Anju Bobby George hopeful about India’s performance in Rio Olympics



Anju Bobby George hopeful about India’s performance in Rio Olympics

Anju Bobby George discussed the upcoming Rio Olympics and is very optimistic that India would make its mark in the Olympics. She also believes that there are high chances of Indians qualifying into the finals at least in three or four events. According to her, if the jumpers including Ankit Sharma, Renjith Maheshwary and the steeplechasers Sudha Singh and Lalita Babar can continue their present momentum, then they would definitely make it to the final. She also mentioned Tintu Lucas as a possible finalist in the 800m running category.

She opinionated that we will have to wait till the first round of the events to evaluate the performance of Indian Olympians and their chances of winning the events. She appreciated the performances of Renjith and Ankit in triple jump and long jump respectively and commented that they will have to keep up with this performance in order to do well in the Olympics.

She pointed out that the Olympics has an unpredictable nature, making it difficult to foresee the outcome. Anju also revealed that men’s 200 and 400 m finals are her favourite as far as the Olympic events are concerned. She is also looking forward to witnessing Bolt’s unparalleled performance. Anju intends to watch long jump as well.

The former Olympian believes that women’s team can fetch medal in long jump above 7m. Reminiscing about her Olympics performance in 2004, she noted that she was well prepared to jump above 7m but she could not perform as expected because of severe infection in the respiratory tract. However, she remarked that the Russians who reached the top three faced suspension ensuing the dope allegations, which naturally earns her an elevation from the fifth position in the event. She expects that the authorities will review this situation and will officially declare the revised results.