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Kismath malayalam movie Review



Kismath malayalam movie Review :
Kismath is one among the two releases in Mollywood today. This small budget movie is scripted and directed by Shanavas K Bavakutty and the flick has been produced jointly by Rajeev Ravi and Shailaja Manikandan under the banners of Collective Phase One and Pattam Cinema Company respectively. At first this flick made to the news headlines when Lal Jose’s LJ Films took up the distribution of this movie. Later when the trailer and songs of the movie is released, it had got great reception from social media circles and thus this small flick had become an anticipated one in Kerala.

The plot of this movie has been inspired by real life events that had happened in Ponnani. It tells the love story between Irfan and Anitha. Irfan is a 23 year old Muslim guy and Anitha is a 28 year old Hindu girl. Their love affair had become a big issue in the society and that is what Kismat is all about. Irfan is a student and Anita is a research student. The plot revolves around the incidents happened in their life when they decides to marry each other irrespective their age and religious differences.

Shanavas K Bavakutty was serving as the Municipal counsellor there when the issue happened there. So he conceived the screenplay based on what really happened there. And we can say that he was successfully presented the events on celluloid and that too with utmost honesty and clarity. This film was more or less like a tribute to those lovers and the way he presented it was really heart touching. At many moments our eyes will be filled with tears and we can relate to the situation they are in as well. The screenplay was realistically written and the way he narrated the story with all its intensity needs great applause. He used the artists very well and the casting was just fabulous.

Shane who played Irfan and Sruthy who played Anitha was the life of this movie. Both of them had done 100% justice to the characters and at many moments it felt that they were really Irfan and Anitha. Shane had presented the sensitive, immature and vulnerable Irfan with ease and Sruthy had given a fabulous performance as Anitha. She was very composed and controlled the emotional scenes with all its natural intensity. Other artists like Vinay Fort who played the Sub Inspector Ajay C Menon, Alencier. P Balachandran etc also did a great job in the movie.

Suresh Rajan was the DOP of the movie and he had done a very good job by setting some realistic frames for this movie. Sumesh Parameshwar and Shamej Sreedhar composed the music and it was soulful. The songs were just superb as well.

In Total, Kismat was a tribute to all lovers who stood firm and sincere in their love. It is a soulful movie which will make you feel the pain of the characters. The story and characters were presented in such a way that you will feel that you were there as well and without any doubt this is one of the best realistic love stories we ever saw in Silver Screen here.