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Kabali conquering the world with his charisma..! Kabali Review



Kabali conquering the world with his charisma..! Kabali Review  (User Review)

Indian Cinema world has been waiting for this day for a long time as this is the day of Kabali release. Fans and film lovers from all over the world was eagerly waiting to see the Kabali Avatar of their Super Star, the style icon of Indian Cinema, Rajnikanth. The gangster flick directed and scripted by Pa Renjith is the most awaited movie of this year in India because of the presence of Rajnikanth as male lead in it. The film was bankrolled by Kalaipuli S Thanu and it has been released all over the globe in more than 5000 screens. In Kerala too, the flick had created history by getting more than 300 screens and the man behind that impact is Mohanlal, the super star of Mollywood who had bought the distribution rights of this movie here in Kerala.

The film revolves around the character played by Kabaleeshwaran who is a Gangster in Malaysia. During the period of British Raj, many Tamil people were migrated to Malaysia as laborers and the family of Kabaleeshwaran was such a migrated one from Tamil Nadu. The film shows how Kabaleeshwaran had become the gangster named Kabali and how his life pans out after that. The films shows his old age and the evolution of Kabali from Kableeshwaran showing his younger age as well. His family life too comes under the path of the narration of the story.

First of all we have to say that Pa Renjith had succeeded in giving a cinematic experience that satisfies both fans and film lovers. What Pa Renjith had done in this movie is that he had given a character for Rajnikanth which exploited him as a star and as an actor. He had included the mass scenes for the fans and along with that given us another facet of Rajnikanth as an actor. There lies the success of Pa Renjith as a director and writer. He had made the audience feel the emotional and mass appeal at the same time. He never lost his control over the proceedings and the firm grip of him on the screenplay had helped him to narrate the story with all its intensity and that itself was a welcome change when we consider some previous films of Rajnikanth. Renjith had given a perfect mix of class and mass while presenting the subject before the audience. The dialogues were crisp but sharp and he never tried to include needless song sequences which often spoils the flow of Tamil movies.

When it comes to the performances in this movie, we can say that this was indeed a complete Rajnikanth show. He was just spectacular as Kabali and he proves that his style and mannerisms can still give goosebumps for the audience. The performance of him in mass scenes were stunning. But in this film he just amazed us with his fantabulous performance in intense emotional scenes. When Radhika Apte was chosen to play the female lead in it, a lot of eye brows were raised and many had asked why she..? But she had given a terrific reply to all those critics by giving a sterling performance standing opposite the Super Star. She had given a really matured performance as Kumudavalli. Another brilliant performance in the movie had come from Dhansika. Artists like Kishore, Winston Chao, Dinesh Ravi, John Vijay etc also played their part to perfection.

The frames set by G Murali needs a special mention as it really helped the movie to get a visual balance when it was moving forward with a mix of emotional and mass scenes. The editing by Praveen K L was crisp and he never let the pace of the movie down. The music tuned by Santhosh Narayan waspivotal in making the audience feel the mass effect and emotional tone of the movie in the right manner.

Kabali is indeed a great comeback from the biggest Super Star in India and it is a complete package for film lovers. This will give you goosebumps and also gives you something really different from Rajnikanth. The flick will never let you down whether you are a fan of the super star or not. Now, the fans of Rajnikanth can say loudly, “Neruppu da..”.