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Kasaba Malayalam Movie Review



Kasaba Malayalam Movie Review:

The biggest Malayalam release of this Eid season had come today and it is Mammootty starrer movie named Kasaba. NithinRenjiPanicker, a debutant had directed this movie and he scripted the flick as well. Apart from Mammootty, the lead artists in this movie is Kollywood actress VaralakshmiSarath Kumar (daughter of Tamil Actor Sarath Kumar), Sambath, Kannada actress Neha Saxena, Siddique etc. This mass action entertainer is produced by Goodwill Entertainment which is owned by Alice George. The flick has been created great hype prior to its release and it is said to be the most hyped movie ever in Mammmootty’s career. The Facebook trolls and later the teaser record helped it to maintain the anticipation level till the release and it had got around 100 screens here as well.

RajanZakariah played by Mammootty is the central character of this movie and he is a Circle Inspector of Police. He is not a police officer who gives a respect for rules and discipline in professional and personal life. He is working at a Police station Palakkad district and he comes to a village in Kerala- Karnataka boarder to investigate an important case. That case was of great significance in his life as well at that village he meets a don named Kamala played by VaralakshmiSarath Kumar. From there the movie picks up its pace.

We have to say that NithinRenjiPanicker had made a fabulous debut here in Mollywood presenting us a complete action entertainer. You may have seen these kind of films before, but you will thoroughly enjoy this one because of the sheer brilliance showed by Nithin, in the making of this film. He had clear view about the visual language of the screenplay he had written and he executed those plans very well. That confidence can be seen in each and every frame of this movie. The dialogues, specially, the one liners was superb and he never really tried to imitate his father RenjiPanicker in this aspect. He also told the story in a classy and stylish manner which attracts the young audience and it was indeed a thrilling experience for them. The class of this film maker can be seen in the way he created the interval punch and also in the way he made the plot travelled to the climax portion.

Mammootty’s performance as RajanZakariah is the backbone of this movie. He had just sizzled as the rough and tough yet freak Police officer. The way in which he delivered the dialogues and also the way in which he presented RajanZakariah was just stunning to say the very least. Female lead Varalakshmi had given a really matured performance as Kamala and the powerful dialogue delivery of her matched Mammootty’s performance at many scenes. Artists like Neha Saxena, Jagadeesh, Sambath, Siddique, Maqbool Salman etc also done their part to perfection. DOP by Sameer Haq was great and his visuals had created the right atmosphere for this mass masala entertainer. Another factor which elevated the effect of the film to a whole new level was the Background scoring done by Rahul Raj.

On the whole, Kasaba is a complete mass masala entertainer which will never disappoint you if you are lover of commercial potboilers. It is a treat for the fans of Mammootty and a complete package of entertainment for Youth.