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Karinkunnam Sixes movie review



Karinkunnam Sixes is the latest offering from director Deepu Karunakaran, who had given us a moderate success last year named Fireman starred by Mammootty. This new film of him which released today was written by Arunlal Ramachandran and it was produced by Anil Biswas and Jayalal Menon under their banner named Back Water Studios. Mollywood’s lady Super Star Manju Warrier and Mr. Dependable  Anoop Menon played lead roles in it along with a hunch of popular artist in Mollywood. At first the film did not created much hype. But with the release of its trailer and songs, suddenly the flick got great attention from everywhere and got the well deserved pre-release hype.

The plot of this movie revolves around Aby and Vandana played by Anoop Menon and Manju Warrier. Both are Volleyball players and a couple as well. Aby is volleyball coach as well who sets up a team named Karinkunnam Sixes. But an accident that happens in his life changes everything and he was unable to play volleyball. The team he set up was ripped apart by this incident and then the flick shows his wife Vandana’s effort to revive the team by getting some skilled players from Central Jail.

Malayalam Cinema not seen many films which is based on sports and Deepu Karunakaran was successfully brought such a film here and have to say that he had done a great job as a director. Karinkunnam Sixes was thrilling, Inspirational and entertaining as well. It has emotions in it and the screenplay by Arunlal Ramachandran was a fabulous one indeed. There was no unwanted scene in it and the dialogues were so natural too. Deepu Karunakaran’s skill at convincing things can be seen in this film and the way he presented the complex situations in the plot deserves applause. Specially, the volleyball playing sequences and the emotions of the different players related to the game was presented beautifully.

Technical side too did a stunning job. Camera work from Jayakrishna and Editing by V Sajan was really given the film the perfection it needed to tell a story based on sports. The film not really lagged at any point and it had maintained a smooth pace throughout. Rahul Raj had given very good background scoring and songs for the movie as well. Apart from Manju Warrier and Anoop Menon, artists like, Babu Antony, Baiju, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Sudev Nair, Jacob Grigory, Sudheer Karamana, Padmaraj Rathesh, Santhosh Keezhattor, Nandhu etc also done a very good in this movie and they all are very convincing as well on the screen.

Karinkunnam Sixes is a really good inspirational Film and it is a kind of movie which you never really seen often in Malayalam cinema. It’s really worth a watch and it will never disappoint you for sure.