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Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan..!



The Hollywood flick named The Legend of Tarzan directed by David Yates is the latest release here in Mollywood. Adam Cozad and Craig Brewe had written the screenplay of this fantasy movie and artists like Alexander Skarsgård, Rory J. Saper, Christian Stevens, Margot Robbie, Samuel L Jacksonetc played the major characters in this movie. This action adventure movie is of 1 hour 49 minutes length and the flick was produced jointly by Dark Horse Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Riche Productions and Village Roadshow Pictures.

The plot of the film revolves around Tarzan who was slowly adapting to his life in London is called back to the jungle, his real home, to investigate about the activities in a mining encampment as it gives rise to some serious issues there.

Even though the theme of the film is an age old one, it has presented beautifully by David Yates. We saw many films with the same theme of hero returning to his real home and then fights to protect his people and kingdom. But what makes Tarzan different is the way David Yates had portrayed the life in it. The struggle of Tarzan to adjust with the so called gentleman’s life in the city has been presented neatly and we feels his discomfort and that was the power of narration. The film is nostalgic and at the same time modern in its presentation style. The romantic track also resembles a Damzel in distress kind of pattern but that too was shot very much convincingly by the director who knows how to do it. We saw that in his harry potter films earlier. He had made terrific action sequences with great momentum and the made the narration filled with complete action, adventure and made the characters look very much convincing.

The technical side was too good as well. The Graphics was amazing even though the set of the jungle looks not that good at places. DOP was excellent as well and remained the backbone of the movie all throughout. We have to appreciate Alexander Skarsgård, who was perfect as Tarzan and his performance had just lift the movie to another level. His chemistry with other artists becomes the soul of the movie and he was literally living in the flick as Tarzan.