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Stress is something that is always going to be there or somehow hop in anytime. All you need to is handle the stress phase effectively and come out productive. Taking the load whether its work, relationship management or any area of life that at this point seems difficult to handle or unable to succeed at, may lead to stress. And stress as said, is just a phase. There are a number of issues that one falls in while being at this stress phase. The most common of them is emotional eating, which in turn causes putting on weight or affect health in more than one ways. So let’s go through several ways to handle this stress and what you can do to forget that you even went through such a phase which people call “STRESS”.

  1. First things first– Have a clear goal of what you need to do for the day. Have a to-do list and keep it at a visible distance from you. Every day is a day to work towards your goal, so just prioritize what you need to do today and do not pile the list with the things you ‘wish’ to finish. Make sure you check out all the tasks by the end of the day.
  2. Express yourself– Be assertive. Learn to say a NO and that’s very important. Leading the right kind of life with a healthy mindset is all that matters at the end of the day. Do not just give in when you are not comfortable with a situation. Be clear of your objectives and be yourself. Do not stress out on situations where you just need handling with positive thinking. Most importantly speak out your objectives.
  3. Time management– well, this is isn’t something you need to undergo a coaching session for. Be it meetings or delivering a presentation, make sure you be at the venue on time and the rest will fall at the right place. While at work, Prioritize task and finish the urgent deliverables first and then the other tasks. Also leave work or a venue on time. If it’s your university or school tasks make sure you finish your assignments well in time and not leave it for the last minute. That’s all about time management, ‘prioritizing work’ and finishing before the eleventh hour reaches.

Emotional eating– Now that’s something you need to work upon and hold yourself back. Emotional eating may be overeating or under eating. Well if you overeat, you can continue that by eating healthy. Keep yourself full by having salads, healthy fluids(juice) that will ultimately get you a better eating lifestyle and also get your ideal weight and improved complexion achieved! If its undereating, moving outdoors, catching up with friends often will help you indirectly. Go out for a walk or jog every morning, catch up with ur friends at office everyday and spend a long time with them, talk about food and ask about new cuisines they have tried. You ll end up trying all that!!