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Sawkarpettai, horror extravaganza



Sawkarpettai, horror extravaganza

Lakshmi Rai and Srikanth penetrate the horror genre with a mission and the result is Sawkarpettai horror and comedy extravaganza. The movie unleashes a fair amount of horror and in that sense does justice to the genre. The lead actors’ performances are rather heavy and entertaining. Sawkarpettai also maintains its bar of visual effects and makeup departments comparatively high. In fact, the director relies to a greater extend on the special effects and appearances of his actors.

The plot of the movie is rather usual, but what makes Sawkarpettai unique it its treatment and casting. The movie is a simple revenge story of two lovers, who was killed by the villain and return as ghosts for their revenge. Srikanth appears in a double role, both as the hero who got killed and the villain. Lakshmi Rai played his love interest and a blood thirsty ghost, who craves for her revenge. How the ghost couple attains their revenge, despite the evil defense raised by the villain is the rest of the story.

The movie utilizes thrilling and horrific aspects of black magic and those scenes are elaborately visualized. Srikanth makes a powerful comeback into the mainstream with his two characters. The actor delivers a stable performance and shoulders the movie effectively. Lakshmi Rai looks stunning and at her seductive best. She reins the movie both as a terrific ghost and a gorgeous woman. The pair shows good onscreen chemistry, which is the plus point of the movie.

Director Vadivudaiyan does a good job by incorporating usual horror flick techniques with regional black magic secrets and traditions. Those add ons make the movie more interesting and gripping, by giving the usual plot freshness. The visual effects team has worked overtime and their hard work paid off well. The movie owes a great deal on the visual effects to bring the horror straight into the viewers.

The makeup department also does a marvelous job with some terrific looking faces and bodies. Kollywood seems to be venturing into new terrains in the area with flicks like Miruthan and Sawkarpettai. The Makeup artists do come up with bold and never seen before attempts and Sawkarpettai is a good example.

S Sreenivasa Reddy’s cinematography is violent and John Peter’s music is pulse racing. Editor Elisa deserves a special mention for a racy and dynamic editing. Sawkarpettai works with those who like high voltage horror-comedy flicks with an abundance of visual effects and makeup techniques.

Rating : 5/10