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Singhm123 Movie Climax – Sampoornesh Babu



Singham123 movie clip;
The ultimate foolhardy cop ever seen on Indian screen or even world cinema for that matter, is set to blaze silver screens this summer. Having watched umpteen cop flicks every now and then, if you think you’ve seen them all. Then it’s time to rethink, because, here comes the guy who will leave you in awe!
Singham 123 is a spoof action comedy starring Sampoornesh Babu playing the role of a “Sensational”, “Seductive”, “Supercop”. Set in the backdrop of a village called Singarayakonda which is ruled by a self proclaimed king and mafia-lord, Lingham. He fancies himself as the destructive force and an archenemy of Law and Order. After several failed attempts by Indian Police throughout the decade, Singham123 is assigned the mission impossible: to arrest Lingham.
Story, Screenplay and Producer – Vishnu Manchu
Director – Akshat Ajay Sharma
Cinematography – Satish Mutyala