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Honey Bee 2.5 Movie Review



 Honey Bee 2.5 Movie Review::One among the Malayalam movies which had released today in Kerala was Honey Bee 2.5, which is the 3rd movie in the Honey Bee series. The first two parts has been directed by Jean Paul Lal with Asif li and Bhavana in the lead and this 3rd part has been directed by Shyju Anthikkad. Lal had written the screenplay of this movie and Asif Ali’s brother Askar Ali had played the male lead in it. Lijomol Jose had played the female lead in it and this movie has been produced by Lal. Almost all the cast and crew members of Honey Bee 2 is there in this movie as well.

The plot of this flick revolves around the character named Vishnu played by Askar Ali, who is a young man, who want to become an actor. Seeking an opportunity, he comes to a shooting set and the events that happens after in his life forms the crux of the plot. It shows his struggles to become an actor and also some events that turns his life around.

Shyju Anthikkad had already given us the movie named Scene onnu Nammude Veedu with Lal in the lead. Even though it was not a big box office hit, he had got appreciation for the way he told the story in it. This time he had come up with a great entertainer which has all the potential to be a box office winner. The screenplay by Lal had everything you look forward as a viewer. It had comedy, romance, emotions, thrill etc and will touch your heart at many points as well. Director had presented the plot in a colorful and engaging manner and his craft was evident from the way he presented the plot situations before the audience.

The performance from Askar Ali was good and he had done a decent job in his debut film. Lijomol Jose once again did a great job and she is really improving and maturing as an actress with each film. Others like Harish Kanaran, Lla, Nirmmal, Asif Ali, Balu Varghese, Bhavana, Sreenath Bhasi, Baburaj etc also did their part very well.Antonio Michael is the DOP of this movie and he had done a great job by proving some colorful, energetic and cool visuals. Ratheesh Raj is the one who edited this movie and he had given a smooth pace to the narration with his crisp cuts. The music was tuned by Deepak Dev and he once again did a very fine job.

In Total, Honey Bee 2.5 is a complete entertainer which will never disappoint you. It is a paisa vasool entertainer which will give you something fresh inside the cinema Hall.