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E Malayalam Movie Review



E Malayalam Movie Review::One among the Malayalam releases that has been graced the screens here in Kerala today was E, which was directed by Kukku Surendran. Amin Surani and popular director Sangeeth Sivan together had produced this movie under the banner named A.S Productions. The screenplay of this horror film was written by Rohan Bajaj, K Hari Kumar and Anwar Husain together and the dialogues were written by Anwar Husain and Deepu Matthew. A Bunch of newcomers is playing the lead in it along with actress Gauthami who is making a comeback to Mollywood after many years.

This movie is based on true events and it revolves around the characters named Karthik and Malathi Menon. Karthik makes a documentary on Alzheimer’s disease and Malathi Mebon is his subject. Malathi is living with her daughter named Athira and Karthik and his team comes there. There they notice the unexplainable behavior of Malathi where she starts speaking ancient languages and starts scribbling on certain pictures as well. Then some evil things begins to happen with Malathi and later they comes to know that it is not Alzheimer’s disease but some evil spirit had taken the control over Malathi.

Sangeeth Sivan as a director had given us some superb films like Yodha, Nirnnayam, Gandharvam etc in the past. Now, as a producer he came up with a superb horror film and we have to say that director Kukku Surendran had done a terrific job. This film named E will blow you away with its horror sequences as it will take your breath out with its scary atmosphere. The plot was based on some true events and it was wonderfully narrated as well. The screenplay was so tight and the pace of the movie was quite apt for its genre as well.

Performance from every artist has been great. Gauthami once again proved that why she is been considered as one among the finest actresses in South India. She gave her everything as the character named Malathi. Ashiq Ameer who played Karthik also did a fine job in this flick. Other artists like Anjali Aneesh Upasana, Balaji Jayaraman, Kalyani, Meera Nair, Satyajith, Kalesh, Dale David etc also done a very good job in this movie.

The DOP of this flick was Manoj Pillai and his frames and visuals were the soul of this movie. He had created a scary ad mysterious atmosphere to tell the plot effectively. Music was tuned by Rahul Raj and his background scoring has been fabulous. At times it will scare the hell out of you. Ayoob Khan’s editing had made it a technically perfect movie as well. The pace of the movie has been controlled by the sharp cuts of Ayoob Khan.

In total, E can be called as one among the best horror films ever made in Mollywood. It is one of among the best technically perfect and well-made horror films in South India and will be an experience for you if you love horror films.